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Alert by mail load server cpu high
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Date création:  11-03-2020
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Catégorie:  informatique > linux
   Tutoriel N° 2e5

Alert by mail if your load server cpu high

This script need a web server with php

1/ Create the shell script to execute with cron

nano send_alert.sh


load=$(cat /proc/loadavg | awk '{print $1}');
echo $load;

if [ "`echo "${load} > 2.0" | bc`" -eq 1 ]; then
echo "load > 2"

# use your php path (maybe /usr/bin/php7.2)
# use the command [whereis php] to find your php path
/usr/bin/phpX.Y -q mail.php;
echo "load < 2"

2/ Add in Cron daemon your shell script to execute all the 10 minutes

crontab -e

*/10 * * * * /bin/bash /root/send_alert.sh



#send you an email with $load[0] variable
#the php variable $load[0] contains the value of your cpu load

$load = sys_getloadavg();
echo $load[0];


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