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Tutoriel N° 2cb - Protect folder with htaccess easily : informatique > developpement > linux

Protect folder with htaccess easily

1/ Create a folder protectfolder in your path: /path/website/protectfolder

2/ Create .htaccess

shareannonce@shareannonce:~$ cd /path/website/protectfolder

shareannonce@shareannonce:~$ nano .htaccess

AuthName "shareannonce"
AuthType Basic

#homepage folder
#DirectoryIndex home.php

#Show index listing
#Enable / Disable directory Listing
#Options -Indexes
Options +Indexes

#Show icons with index listing
#Enable / Disable Fancy directory Listing
#IndexOptions -FancyIndexing
IndexOptions +FancyIndexing

#path where is .htpasswd
AuthUserFile /path/website/protectfolder/.htpasswd

#Ignore specific files
#IndexIgnore *.png *.txt

#You can limite user require toto
require valid-user

3/ Create .htpasswd with this line

shareannonce@shareannonce:~$ cd /path/website/protectfolder

shareannonce@shareannonce:~$ htpasswd -c .htpasswd guest

write and confirm the password shareannonce (for this example)

You can use this tools if you dont have ssh to create your .htpasswd file

Finally you could access to your protect folder with this login/password ==> guest/shareannonce


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