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Tutoriel N° 2c5 - Installing ubuntu on a bootable usb stick on mac : informatique > developpement > linux

Installing ubuntu on a bootable usb stick on mac

You need 2 usb disk or key

You need install and download:

You need an ISO of your linux distribution:

1/ You need make an empty space on one usb disk1 to install ext4, linux swap partition, EFI partition

2/ Launch balenaEtcher and create your boot install on usb disk2 with your ISO

3/ Restart your mac and press option (alt) key

4/ Select EFI partition

5/ Launch a terminal and write: sudo gparted

6/ Choose disk1 and create 3 partitions:

linux swap(8G if you have 4Go of RAM)
EFI (200Mo)

7/ I create a fat32 partition but it's an option to share some files between mac and linux

8/ Launch and Quit

9/ Launch terminal and write:

ubiquity --no-bootloader

10/ Select your ext4 partition of 10Go and choose ext4, select format and /


11/ Launch installation

12/ Reboot on mac and umount disk1

13/ Launch terminal and write:

diskutil list

14/ Watch your disk2 path: /dev/disk1 (example)

15/ Write

sudo gdisk /dev/disk1

Type: x (enter)
Type: o (enter)
You’ll see one ore more MBR partitions.

Type: n (enter)
Type: o (enter)
Now there will be one MBR partition.

Type: w (enter) to save your changes.

16/ rEFInd
In the rEFInd directory, run the installer script and point it at your EFI partition.

17/ Launch terminal and write:

diskutil list

18/ Watch your EFI partition


/dev/disk1s1 ==> EFI external disk for me

cd refind-bin-0.11.4
sudo ./refind-install --usedefault /dev/disk1s1

19/ Restart your mac with Pomme + Alt (Option)




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